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Application and enrolment procedure

The application and subsequent enrolment procedure slightly differ  for internal students, who either graduated or are going to graduate at the School of Management and Economics in Turin, and for external students,  who graduate elsewhere.


STUDENTS WITH A FOREIGN TITLE (bachelor degree) MUST APPLY THROUGH THE UNIQUE ON-LINE FORM, which is centralized for the University of Torino.

Non EU students requiring a student VISA are advised to apply early on March-April in order to meet the Embassy deadlines for VISA applications.

The steps of the procedure are reported below.

Step 1. Candidates send their application form and the required documents. We advise to submit early (i.e. by June) the application form, even before obtaining the undergraduate degree. This allows to know early the outcome of the admission process, and prepare for the interview (see step 2), when needed. It is anyway possible to choose to postpone the interview with respect to the date stated by the committee.

Step 2. A committee examines each application, with three possible responses:

a)     admission, i.e. the student can enrol after graduation;

b)     interview on given subjects;

c)     non-admission.

The outcome of the assessment made by the committee is published on the website within 3 weeks. The deadline is reported below.

Step 3. The interview takes place.

The student, if all the requirements are met, enrols. Enrolment is open from the last week of August until December 20th.

Internal (Graduated at the School of Economics) and external students (coming from another School either in Italy or abroad):

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
until May 31 By June 22 By July 10
June 01 – 30 By July 15 By September 15
Sept 01 – 30 By October 18 By October 30
    1. To submit an application, if you have an italian degree, you must  fill the online form (the link to the online form is available only in the periods suitable for submissions, see above table).

    2. Students holding a foreign undergraduate title must instead apply through the UNIQUE ON-LINE FORM 

    3. The files listed below contain useful information:

    4. Academic Requirements (downloadable .doc)                                                                                                                                             

    5. Enrolment Instructions (downloadable .doc)    

    6. How to prepare for the interview (downloadable.pdf)
    7. The offices will send  an ackowledgement of receipt by e-mail, indicating also the reference number of your application. A committee will examine the applications, and deliver one of the three possible results: admission; interview on subjects; non-admission. The results will be posted on  website by the dates specified in the second column above. Interviews will take place by the dates indicated in the last column. Precise dates will be posted on the website. Students living abroad may ask to take the interview via VOIP on the application form.

Tuition and Fees

Full tuition and fees are about 2.800 Euros maximum per year. Financial aid is available for low income students


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