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Scholarships and Grants

Financial aid is available for low income students. You can see Edisu Piemonte website and Scholarships for international students and Right to education pages on the Unito website.

Grants (borse di studio) and study awards (premi di studio) of the University of Torino.


Allievi Honors Program at Collegio Carlo Alberto

Students of the Master Programmes in Economics and Quantitative Finance and Insurance can also access the facilities of Collegio Carlo Alberto.

Collegio Carlo Alberto is a research and high education institution which comprises national and international faculty members, research fellows and visiting scholars in the fields of Economics, Statistics and wider social sciences. The Collegio is sited in a historical building in Piazza Arbarello, 8, Torino.

In particular, academically outstanding students may apply to become Senior Allievi of the Collegio Carlo Alberto. 

The Allievi are expected to fulfil their university requirements, as well as to participate in additional activities (tutorials and classes) at the Collegio.

The Senior Allievi who successfully complete their study program at Collegio are awarded of a Master's title in Economics,  Economics and Complexity, Financial Economics, or Statistics and Applied Mathematics, depending on the Allievi's interests and the specific study programs agreed with the coordinators.

The Allievi interact on a daily basis with the faculty members and the research community of the Collegio. Moreover, they have access to the Collegio’s facilities and scientific activities.

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