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Tutoring and buddy

Are you an international student? Ask for a Buddy!

Buddy Project provides international students, upon request, with a person who:

  • supports you on the most urgent issues on you arrival at Torino (housing, University, UniTO website, administrative procedures)
  • comes with you to the University offices to help you carrying out administrative procedures
  • shows you the main University facilities and buildings (offices, rooms, administration, restaurants, libraries, teachers' rooms).

EU or EU-equivalent student: request your Buddy by filling in this online form.

Extra-EU student applying for a study visa: you should receive an email from your Buddy without filling any other forms out… don't miss the chance to get in contact with him/her!

If you need more information and to get in touch with a buddy, contact

Read more about Buddy project – Do you need suppor-TO?

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