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An internship is a position held by the student as a trainee in an organization (either a private or public company, or a research institution) in order to gain work experience.

There are four types of internships.

The Master Programme in Economics does not include curricular (compulsory) internships.

However, it is possible to activate such an internship through the Job Placement of the School of Management and Economics, after a formal request to modify the study plan.

Internships are recognized in the career plan with 14 ECTS.

In general, the Career Plan Committee of the Master in Economics does not recommend a curricular internship for two main reasons. Firstly, the Job Placement offers are usually not suitable for Economics students, as priority is given to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that have compulsory internships. Secondly, although it is possible to look for an opportunity on your own and then ask for an agreement with the University, in order to obtain the recognition of the ECTS, such agreements are rarely achieved.  


These internships are for newly graduated students (within 12 months from graduation). More information on the website of the School of Management and Economics (in Italian only).


These internships are financed by the Erasmus program. More information on the website of the School of Management and Economics (in Italian only).

In general, the student has to look for an internship offer in a partner country and then apply for the Erasmus grant.

On the Erasmus Intern website, you can find some internship offers abroad that can be covered by the Erasmus program.


These are internships that students can manage independently and do not involve the University. However, they may be very valuable as a professional experience for your future career.

Below some (non-exhaustive) links of international institutions that offer internship opportunities for economists:


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