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Admission requirements


Prerequisites and eligibility

Applicants have to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) or undergraduate degree final grade equal to or above 90% of the highest possible grade (99/110 for an Italian degree).
  2. Good command of the English language (at least level B2 of Common European Standards).
  3. At least one tenth of total undergraduate credits in Economics (i.e. 18 credits in courses classified as SECS-P/01 through SECS-P/06, for an Italian degree).
  4. At least one tenth of total credits in Math and Statistics (i.e. 18 credits in courses classified as SECS-S/01 through SECS-S/06 or as MAT/06, for an Italian degree).

Undergraduate Italian degrees coded L-18 (ex L-17) and L-33 (ex L-28) are considered as satisfying the last two requirements by default.

Notice that applicants are not required to have received the Bachelor's degree at the time of filing the application. However, they must be in a position to receive it preferably by the beginning of the courses and in any case no later than the final enrolment deadline (around mid - December).

All applicants are expected to have appropriate background in the topics highlighted in the books referenced below.



If one or more admission requirements are not met, applicants may be considered for an interview, at the discretion of the admission committee.

  •  In case the English Certification is missing: the interview will be in English. The candidate must be able to write, speak and read fluently.
  •  In case the other requirements are missing: the interview will deal, depending on the candidate’s weakness, with fundamentals of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Math and Statistics.  

The interview verifies the adequacy of the applicant’s background. The Evaluation Committee will focus the interview on those topics that contributed – through a low mark – to reduce the Grade Point Average (GPA) in the three-year degree below 90% of the highest mark (99/110 for an Italian degree). It investigates the ability to master fundamental concepts and instruments. The interview may include a written part. The program for the interviews for each subject is outlined below.

In preparation for the interview, applicants are advised to use the following textbooks (or equivalent textbooks adopted at undergraduate courses):

  • Microeconomics: Robert. S. Pindyck, Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Microeconomics, ed. Pearson (chapters: 1-12; 14-18).
  • Mathematics: A. Chiang, Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, ed. McGraw-Hill.
  • Statistics: T.H. Wonnacott, R.J. Wonnacott, Introductory Statistics, ed. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Probability: Sheldon M. Ross, Introduction to Probability Models, ed. Elsevier.
  • Macroeconomics: Olivier Blanchard, Macroeconomics, ed. Pearson (all the chapters apart from section three)

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