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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community

The course evaluated by students

Since the academic year 2013/2014 - in compliance with ministerial decree 47/2013 - students enrolled in a  course of study at the University of Turin are required to complete the questionnaire regarding the quality of teaching. 

It will be possible to carry out the evaluation until the end of due time for the exam registration. 

The requirement is checked at the time of the exam registration, allowing the student to sign up only when the questionnaire regarding the quality of teaching has been filled in.

See the results of the Student Opinion Survey concerning the response rate and performance of each questionnaire question without course details:


Instructions for the utilization of Edumeter

To log on to the online questionnaire (Edumeter) is necessary to have already confirmed the career plan (the Edumeter procedure reads the information two days after the confirmation of the plan career); then follow the steps below:

  • log on to the Edumeter website;
  • enter with your personal SCU credentials;
  • if you do not see the teachings verify if these belong to different CoS than their own (in this case the CoS of competence appears halfway down the page, click on the CoS and then you should see the teachings related to the CoS in question).

To ensure anonymity, after authentication the procedure separates the personal profile from the answers given by the student.

The questionnaire is different for attending students (frequency >50%) and not attending students (frequency <50%).

You can access the results in the private area of the individual teachings of each CoS.

For technical problems send a Help Desk to Edumeter support.

Watch the video 

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