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Thesis and graduation


Check the didactic calendar on the School of Management and Economics' website to know the graduation sessions (in Italian).


The final examination requires writing an original dissertation to be presented and discussed in front of an ad hoc Graduation Committee, composed by at least seven faculty.

The thesis is elaborated by the student under the supervision of a faculty member, written in English on a topic agreed with the supervisor. The preparation of the thesis can be part of an internship or can be carried out during a period of study abroad, within international agreements with other universities.

The degree thesis consists of an original paper, which requires a few months of exclusive work. Students are encouraged to contact well in advance (at least six months before the period in which they intend to graduate) the teacher they wish to ask for the supervision of their thesis.

The final assessment of the candidate is based upon the following elements: originality of the results, mastering of the subject, mathematical rigour of the thesis and of the presentation, independence shown in carrying out the research, ability of speaking in public and of setting the topic within the appropriate literature.

You can find on the UniTO website the front page and all information about the print of the thesis.

Thesis defense

On the day of the final examination, the student illustrates and defends the thesis orally in front of the Graduation Committee. The Committee's questions are usually postponed to the end of the presentation. The time allocated to each candidate's presentation is 15 minutes.

It is also recommended to hand out to the Committee printed copies of the presentation (no specific format required).


Final grade mark

The final graduation mark (in 110ths) will take into account both the student's study career and the final discussion of the thesis. The starting value of the final graduation mark is obtained by summing the weighted average of the exam's evaluations (converted in 110ths).

The Graduation Committee can additionally assign a maximum of 8 points for the discussion. If the quality of the work is considered excellent, with a unanimous vote of the Graduation Committee, the maximum is increased to 12 points. The student who has achieved a score of 110/110, can be awarded the summa cum laude. In order to obtain more than 8 points a co-supervisor should also be appointed.

The student needs to log into her/his MyUnito with the student credentials and follow the instructions to submit the application.

General instructions for the submission are available on the Unito website.

See tab Thesis submission deadlines for further details.

The University has activated the "Tesi online" service which allows you to quickly and easily deliver your thesis online.

You can access the service and consult all the information useful to upload the thesis through the dedicated section on the University website.

The submission deadlines (in Italian)


Summer session 2023-2024

Submission deadlines for the Summer session 2023-2024 (in Italian).


Autumn graduation session (November 2024) and Extraordinary session (March 2025) a.y. 2023-2024 – Early session (March 2025) a.y. 2024-2025

Starting from the Autumn session planned in November 2024, the graduation application procedure will change.

The new procedure will be active and available on MyUniTO starting from July 26th, 2024.


See the step-by-step guide for applying.

Below are the consecutive steps of the new procedure that students will have to take in order to apply for the graduation session.

Step 1: Title submission

  • Log in to MyUnito
  • Click on "Enrollment"/"Iscrizioni" > Personal Data": check whether your personal information is correct ( since it will later be reported in the degree parchment) and whether the uploaded ID is valid.
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > "Degree Awarding"/"Conseguimento titolo" : fill in the fields in the "Submit the thesis title"/"Presenta il titolo" section, indicate the type and title of the thesis, the name of the supervisor and other information required. This procedure must be completed by the deadline indicated for the Study Program.

See the Detailed instructions for applying (in Italian)

“Professor’s acceptance”

Once the thesis title has been submitted, the supervisor will receive notification of this request, and only after his or her approval the candidate can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Filling in the Almalaurea questionnaire and submission of the graduation application

  • Log in to MyUnito
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > “Alma Laurea registration”/”Registrazione Alma Laurea”: register on the Almalaurea portal and fill out the end-of-course
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > "Degree Awarding"/"Conseguimento titolo": submit the graduation application within the deadline specified for the Study Program and pay the graduation fee.

See the Calendar of the deadlines (in Italian)

Step 3: Thesis upload

  • Log in to MyUnito
  • Click on "Final Examination"/"Prova finale" > "Degree Awarding"/"Conseguimento titolo": upload the thesis within the deadline indicated for the Study Program
  • “Deadline cannot be extended, see calendar”

See the Calendar of the deadlines (in Italian)

“Professor’s approval”

Once the thesis has been uploaded, the supervisor will receive a notification and will then proceed to approve or reject the material uploaded by the candidate:

  1. in case of approval the procedure is completed,
  2. in case of rejection, the candidate will have to make the required corrections and re-upload the corrected thesis within the deadline



Further Information

For further information, please refer to the Student Office.

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